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Environmental Declaration

Environmental Philosophy

Environmental issues have become widespread, including local and global problems. Since environmental issues have come to receive great interest domestically and internationally, a G8 Summit will be held in Toyako, Hokkaido in July of 2008, and a response to climate change will be the international theme.

We recognize that environmental issues are common to all humans. Therefore, we are determined to make effort to engage in recycling-oriented business activities that have less impact on the environment. We will contribute toward global environmental protection and toward society based on our slogan, “Harmony with the Environment.”

Environmental Declarations

TECHNOFLEX CORPORATION shall handle the design, production, and sale of flexible hoses for general industrial piping and for vacuum devices, products related to flexible joints, and facility devices. We shall implement environmental management based on the following policy.
Our environmental policy shall be informed to all employees in our organization through computerized documents and postings. This policy shall also be disclosed according to external requests.

We shall comply with all environment-related laws, regulations, and industry standards, as well as other related requirements. We shall organize our own voluntary standards and work procedures, and shall continuously improve our environmental management according to the TECHNOFLEX CORPORATION Environmental Philosophy.
We shall reduce our water usage amount and industrial waste, and shall promote recycling in order to use resources more efficiently. We shall make special effort to reduce our percentage of defective products when flexible tubes are being manufactured using stainless steel, which is our main production material, and to reduce the amount of water used for industrial purposes.
We shall properly manage our environmental pollutants such as organic solvents.
We shall use energy including electricity efficiently in order to prevent global warming. We shall make a special effort to reduce the amount of electricity for engines, ventilation, and lighting.
We shall minimize our environmental impact along each process from development and design through to production in order to provide new technologies and products that help to resolve environmental issues.
APRIL 1, 2013.