Company Information

Management Principles

“Meeting the challenge of manufacturing valuable products with our whole heard and contributing toward world development in addition to pursuing the happiness of our employees.”

The foundation of our company is the good qualities of our employees who make up the main body of our business activities.
In order for an employee to have genuine satisfaction, they must have worthwhile work and a sense of accomplishment. Our company endeavors to create an environment that allows all employees to improve their skills and we support their work with proper motivation.
We also are working to establish a company climate where new issues are boldly challenged. We also desire to improve the value of our products and place priority on customer satisfaction. In this way, we believe we can promote a company that brings joy and happiness to the world.

Code of Conduct

“Understanding the Importance of Speed”

The progress of Information Technology has changed the values we place on things. We grab new information quickly and take steps to provide dynamic responses with swift decision-making and execution ability.

“Always Improving Our Skills”

Each individual employee endeavors to make progress every day. Our company is creating an environment that makes this possible.

“Always Looking Ahead and Taking Action”

Recently, the budget for public projects has decreased. Therefore, we should not simply rely on existing business. In order to maintain steady progress as a company, instead of only looking at the short term, we must take action based on five-year and ten-year action plans.

“Always Valuing the Spirit of Challenge”

If we are afraid to receive criticism, we will never try to do anything. Therefore, we are always trying to think of new ideas and place a high value on the spirit of challenge without being afraid of failure, and we respond to each employee’s can-do attitude.

“Aspiring to Achieve Technical Innovation”

The key to continuous business development is technical innovation. We are never satisfied by our existing products. Rather, we continuously make effort to develop new technologies based on the needs of our customers.

“Cherishing the Global Environment”

Global warming is a critical issue facing all life on this planet. Therefore, as fellow citizens, we view environmental conservation efforts as very important.