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Clean Device Sector  Supporting Cutting-Edge Technology with Advanced Clean Technology Compatible with Nano-Level Quality Management Standards

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Responding to Next Generation Needs for Semiconductors, Liquid Crystal Devices, Fuel Cells, and More

In recent years, the role of clean technology has become very important in cutting technology fields such as the electronics and bionano industries.

For example, fine airborne dust can cause shorts with important circuits during the forming process of ultrafine electric circuit patterns when semiconductors are being manufactured. Production facilities for manufacturing semiconductors and liquid crystal devices, as well as the machinery and components that are used for all processes must be kept extremely clean.

TECHNOFLEX CORPORATION performs thin-walled welding for stainless steel in a clean room (Class 100, 1000, 10000) in order to manufacture high-quality products such as high-performance flexible hoses and vacuum components that receive bright heat treatment in a vacuum heat treatment furnace.

Clean technology has become widespread in various industries, and has become the foundation for quality management in harmony with the progress of technology. Therefore, the demand for clean technology is expected to increase in the fuel cell industry, medical field, and food industry. We will increase our production percentage at our overseas production bases such as at our Shanghai Factory, and strengthen our lineup with cost competitive products.

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  • Stainless Steel Flexible Hoses and Bellows
  • Fluoroplastic Flexible Hoses, Joints, and Manufactured Goods
  • Clean Joints for Vacuums and Sanitary Parts