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Pipe Joint Sector  The Pipe Joint Sector, with its technical, marketing, and manufacturing capabilities, is the main operation department of TECHNOFLEX CORPORATION.

  • Flexible Hoses
  • Expansion Joints
  • Gas Pipes
  • City Water Pipes
“Proven Reliability” Supported by Advanced Technical Capability that Meet Nuclear Power Standards

Pipelines are essential for life. Our pipes can expand or contract depending on the temperature of the fluid and changes in the ambient temperature. Ground settlement can cause pipes to disconnect, and vibration from pumps and compressors can cause problems with connected devices and buildings. Our bellows expansion joints provide an effective and safe solution to such problems.

We at TECHNOFLEX CORPORATION are the top bellows expansion joint retailers in the industry. Our bellows expansion joints have been used for various energy related businesses such as petrochemical plants, electric power plants, LNG plants, and LNG vessels as well as in large industry facilities such as city gas and water lines and iron manufacturing plants.

We have also pioneered various new fields including the development of leakage detection for community central air conditioners, underground double-pipe systems, plastic coated expansion joints for underground pipes, joints for seismic isolated buildings, and reinforcement materials for oil and other liquids embankments.

Our company has been manufacturing high share of expansion joints for domestic nuclear power plants. Before Fukushima Nuclear Power Accident, in order to develop the overseas market share, we made a project team to obtain the ASME-NPT certification (ASME was becoming a de-facto international standard for nuclear power plant) and have been working on the certification.

Now we have obtained ASME-NPT certification in September, 2014.

TECHNOFLEX CORPORATION bellows expansion joints are based on our abundant experience and technical capabilities. They also have excellent cost performance due to our production bases in Japan and overseas. We believe that our bellows expansion joints are the best in the world, and that their reliability will be proven in the international market in the near future.

Main Products

  • Bellows Expansion Joints for Nuclear Power, Thermal Power, Oil, Petrochemical, and Iron Manufacturing Facilities
  • Stainless Steel Joint Reinforcement Material for Oil Embankments “Wall Joints”
  • Bellows Expansion Joints for Vibration Absorption and Earthquake Resistance
Certified as ASME-NPT holder
Inspections and Support

We dispatch employees on location to make sure that products are functioning properly (visual inspection of size and appearance). Aging can result in unexpected accidents. Therefore, we recommend that you have regular inspections to prevent such accidents.

Contact and Consultation

*Please contact us in order to provide information including the desired delivery date, product type, size, and usage conditions.
*We can replace bellows that have been used for a long time, so do not hesitate to contact us.