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Pipe Joint Sector  The Pipe Joint Sector, with its technical, marketing, and manufacturing capabilities, is the main operation department of TECHNOFLEX CORPORATION.

  • Flexible Hoses
  • Expansion Joints
  • Gas Pipes
  • City Water Pipes
Our products are trusted by major gas companies because of our product development ability related to installation and safety.

Gas pipes for city gas and LP gas play an important role as lifelines similar to city water pipes. Quality standards for gas pipes are very strict because of the characteristics of gas. Therefore, all products must meet the standards set by the Japan Gas Association.

In order to meet these standards, we at TECHNOFLEX CORPORATION have developed products using our quality management system from material through to the end of production in order to contribute toward improved safety of indoor gas pipes installed by major gas companies. We have been supplying flexible tubes for city gas pipes for many years.

Our flexible tubes for LP gas pipes have also been widely supplied through domestic sales agencies. Our unique tube molding technology allows our prices to be highly competitive. As a result, we have been able to increase our market share.

Our production factories have acquired the Quality Management System ISO9001 and the Environment Management System ISO14001 by the International Organization for Standardization. We will continue to maintain increased production for the gas market while making continual effort for environmental protection.

Main Products

  • Flexible Hoses for Gas Pipes (For City Gas and LP Gas)
  • Flexible Hoses for Bulk Joints