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Pipe Joint Sector  The Pipe Joint Sector, with its technical, marketing, and manufacturing capabilities, is the main operation department of TECHNOFLEX CORPORATION.

  • Flexible Hoses
  • Expansion Joints
  • Gas Pipes
  • City Water Pipes
In order to meet the various needs of our customers, we produce a wide range of high-quality, high-performance flexible metal hoses.

Flexible hoses are made from various raw materials such as stainless steel, fluoroplastic, and silicone rubber, which makes it possible for customers to select the optimal hose for construction equipment, vacuum tubes, nuclear power, and next generation fuel hoses according to the usage conditions. We can provide over 20 different kinds of hoses with diameters ranging from 6A to 350A, and we can even produce hoses with diameters of over 400A.

The standard specification flexible metal hoses SUS304 and SUS316L made from stainless steel are especially highly evaluated in various fields due to their few trouble occurrences despite long usage. They also have good heat and pressure resistance.

Flexible hoses made from fluoroplastic and silicone rubber have been accepted as highly reliable products in many cutting edge technology fields such as bionano technology, pharmaceuticals, and food production lines. The potential of such flexible hoses has greatly increased.

The flexible hoses produced by TECHNOFLEX CORPORATION have excellent cost performance and are easy to install. Thanks to our sales network throughout Japan including product specification planning and aftercare service, we are able to provide services that can satisfy all our customers’ needs.

Main Products

  • Stainless Steel Flexible Hoses
  • Fluoroplastic and Silicone Rubber Flexible Hoses
  • Flexible Hoses for Construction Equipment and Plant Facility Pipes
  • Various Earthquake-Proof Flexible Hoses and Flexible Hoses for Fire Extinguishers