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Pipe Joint Sector  The Pipe Joint Sector, with its technical, marketing, and manufacturing capabilities, is the main operation department of TECHNOFLEX CORPORATION.

  • Flexible Hoses
  • Expansion Joints
  • Gas Pipes
  • City Water Pipes
Supporting the Water Environment from Dams to Home Water Faucets and Sewage.

The water environment is essential to all life. Water and sewage pipes, which serve as lifelines, must not leak, must resist corrosion related to aging, and must be able to withstand internal and external pressure. They must also have good thermal expansion and seismic resistance both against earthquakes and ground settlement.

TECHNOFLEX CORPORATION provides four lines of products, flexible pipes for water supply, expansion joints for water distribution, underground bent flexible pipes, and collars for sewage. We provide a wide range of products, from small diameter convoluted stainless steel pipes used for household water supply piping to flexible joints, supply and distribution pipes for water purification plants and dams, to large diameter expansion flexible pipe joints for conduit piping. We also provide PVC pipes for sewage and joint collars for fume pipes. All of these products are certified and registered by the Japan Water Works Association and Japan Sewage Works Association.

Based on developments in the economy, many new building with multiple uses have become common in modern society. There are also a number of different piping systems installed throughout society. Flexible joints have become essential for transferring fluids safely and to protect and simplify piping systems.

Bent flexible joints that can allow for free joint adjustment at construction sites making it possible to avoid other underground structures, help simplify engineering work, require less installation time, and greatly improve work efficiency and are attracting much attention. Our advanced technology was used to develop bellows-type expansion joints, which proved their effectiveness by maintaining lifelines after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

Main Products

  • Bellows-Type Expansion Joints
  • Convoluted Stainless Steel Pipes
  • Underground Flexible Joints
  • Flexible Joints for Supply Water
  • Sewage Collars